The home for Veterans in the Sefton area and beyond.
Pull up a sandbag and swing the lamp.

Come on in have a chat and a brew/wet with other veterans in a safe atmosphere

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Other Bodies that can HELP

Find help for the family and friends of Veterans

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Naafi Break Locations

There are presently a umbers of locations for the Veterans in Sefton Naafi Breaks

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Community Integration

Community Integration for Armed Forces Veterans and their families.

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Holistic Support

Your wellbeing is our concern, be it veterans family or friends come in and hopefully we can help.


Just to make all must be aware our very own "Buffer" Steve Calderbank is retiring from ViS and there will be a leaving party held in the Lock and Quay on Merton Rd. Start time is 1600 so if you can make it then please come along. Steve has been with Veterans in Sefton almost from its conception and has been at Dave Smith's side helping to form it into what it is today.

Guard Room

Walking Group
The Veterans in Sefton walking group has been taken over by John Doyle and he will be notifying us of upcoming events both on here, our facebook page and on our notice board in the Brunnys main hall.
Our very own allotment is now up and running with a group of our veterans "digging" out to enable it to become a safe haven and to encourage its use as a therapeutic tool for our veterans. Any Veterans that would like to take part in the use of this facility then call Dave Smith on 0151 933 0800 or call in to the Brunny and see us there.
Simon Loftus is thinking of starting a football team, it will be either a regular team or walking football, at the moment the idea is still in its early stages but if your interested then please get in touch with him in the Brunny.