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Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering is a key element of the role and purpose that we have in supporting Veterans reorientation back into the community, the main outcome is the increased value of self-esteem and confidence with the opportunity to apply existing skills and the discovery of new ones…”Feeling good by doing good”.

There are three main categories of volunteering opportunities through the project:
• Volunteering for placement opportunities in employment.
• Volunteering to support social and cultural activities.
• ‘Mentoring volunteers’ are trained to mentor other veterans and non veterans towards a greater degree of independence, social and personal well-being.

The screening of volunteers, personal development, coaching and training is managed via the Sefton Veteran Volunteer Cooordinator who ensures that placements are set up to succeed. Ensuring policies and procedures are utilised to ensure all veterans are DBS checked and training courses are in line with their duties.

Volunteers make a difference by working with both veteran and civilian communities and it is our strategic aim to work towards the positive integration of this.

This Volunteering development model is now offered to the non veteran members of the community. Since the beginning of 2015 we have several service users who have now signed up to the programme and three University/College students who have come on board with the opportunity to gain practical experience that supports their academic career aspirations within their chosen Social and Welfare professions.

In the future, we hope to build on the existing framework for engaging our veteran volunteers by using them in areas of youth development within the community, leadership, outward bound, orienteering, sailing and many other areas where experience can be shared.

As we continue to move forward we will be seeking to source specialist training and development in dealing and supporting veterans presenting with issues surrounding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma related problems