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The VETERANS IN SEFTON will significantly improve mental health and wellbeing for:

• Reduced social isolation
• Increased self confidence.
• Early intervention will reduce the potential for developing or compounding pre-existing mental health issues.
• Run training programmes and skill-building sessions will improve employment chances.
• Programmes will smooth transition from military to civilian life thus avoiding the sometimes negative impacts of this process.

• Strengthened family dynamics through support programmes and a whole-family activity programme.
• Reduced stress and depression rates for spouses.
• Increased mental wellbeing of immediate family members.
• Greater economic security due to increased work prospects and volunteering opportunities
• To consolidate develop and expand the work undertaken by the Sefton Veterans Project through the creation of a dedicated Families Lead Volunteer.

• Greater awareness of transition issues that affect service personnel and their families.
• Greater respect for the work and role performed by the services.
• Increased integration and acceptance of ex-military personnel with mental heath problems.
• Increased economic social returns on investment in the local community and businesses.
• Enabling the Sefton communities to support members of the SAFC through their direct involvement in delivering local services, either as paid staff or as volunteers;
• Providing an (initial) community base, through which the SAFC and the wider community can interact through events, activities, projects and other forms of contact;
• Increasing the wider Sefton communities understanding of the SAFC by utilizing existing community contact to ensure effective promotion of the nature, and needs of, the SAFC;
• Recognising the sacrificial contributions of the SAFC through educational programs which reach all levels of the community

The Referral Process
The referral process is simple.
A referral can be made over the phone either by or on behalf of the individual. Or visit us at our Bootle location or Southport location